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Innovation Adoption Forum: Digital Ecosystems Co-Innovation

Co-Innovation for future Energy, Co-Innovation for Community and Humanity,
Co-Innovation to Market


Achim P. Karduck, Hochschule Furtwangen Germany; Curtin University, Australia

O. Sinan Tumer, SAP Labs Inc., USA


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The Forum explicitly focuses on the transfer/adoption of innovation into practice or reality. It consists of distinguished presentations by the participants from academia, industry and public sector, followed by panel sessions. The Forum will as well involve our keynote speakers, who will take part in the panel sessions.

1) Focus

Formation of Application-driven Research Clusters in the ICT sector to bring together leading private and public companies, independent software vendors, system integrators, technology vendors, and academic institutions in a network of groups can turn inventions much faster into innovations successfully in the global market. These user communities should form a collaborative ecosystem to stimulate co-innovation and the development of high-impact on business solutions.

At IEEE DEST 2010 in Dubai, the initiative on Innovation Adoption for the IEEE DEST Conference Series was introduced. It aims to bring together stakeholders from all areas of the collaborative ecosystem: industry, political leaders and the public, to debate the role of ICT as a key enabler for economic growth, social development and individual well-being. Our keynotes and panel sessions will tackle the multifaceted challenges from the various stakeholders’ perspectives:

  • For the public sector: ensuring high-quality affordable healthcare to cope with the impacts of an ageing population, the fight against climate change, improving energy efficiency, fostering and developing sustainable communities, ensuring higher quality and better access to education, and being more effective in dealing with security threats.
  • Forward-looking procurement strategies such as Living Labs and pre-commercial procurement can address these challenges by procuring R&D services that enables public and private procurers to share the risks and benefits of designing, prototyping and testing new products and services as Early Adaptors of new R&D enables them to drive innovation from the demand side.

2) Structure

The Forum is structured into the following 3 sessions:

  1. Infrastructure Building: Co-Innovation in the Future of Energy
  2. Public Sector: Co-Innovation in Community Health and Public Safety
  3. Private Sector: Focus: Co-Innovation, Dissemination and Going to Market