Workshop on Digital Preservation Weaving Factory
for Analogue Audio Collections (DPWF - AAC)

In conjunction with AXMEDIS international conference

November, 19, 2008 - Florence - Italy


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The first workshop on the Digital Preservation Weaving Factory for Analogue Audio Collections (DPWF - AACs) will be held in conjunction with AXMEDIS international conference.The DPWF workshop is intended for those who are considering or implementing digital preservation programs for analogue audio collections (AACs) in libraries, archives, and other (cultural) institutions. This workshop will provide grounding in the best practices of digital preservation, enabling curators to develop innovative strategies to safeguard their AACs. The goal of this initiative is to show the digital preservation process as a weaving factory composed of consecutive steps: digitisation and restoration, management of digital assets, enabling access and distribution procedures. The workshop, through the analysis of case studies, best practices and prototypes, will demonstrate how the interfaces between consecutive steps can be tailored to achieve effectiveness and efficiency of the whole process.

Topics of interest range from the analysis of the characteristics of analogue contents, metadata and file formats considered as the output of the digitisation process, to the long term archival procedures of audio digital objects, with particular attentions on the OAI solutions. In particular the workshop will discuss:

  • file formats and metadata as results of audio digitisation process,
  • the solutions adopted for repositories, file formats and metadata in the long term preservation of audio digital contents,
  • current solutions for access and/or distribution of archived digital contents including technological infrastructures, file formats, metadata, DRM solutions, object identification, and retrieval, and
  • legal and copyright implication of the digitization process.

The workshop includes invited presentations of the international experts and technical papers selected by the scientific committee. Proceedings will appear in the AXMEDIS workshop volume.

The workshop will be conducted in English.

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