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Campione d'Italia

Campione d'Italia is a town of about 2300 inhabitants set on the southeastern shore of Lake Lugano on a narrow strip of Italian land surrounded by Switzerland that boasts remarkable historical and artistic traditions.

Campione d'Italia, is one of five European exclaves. Check out the other ones:

Campione is located only 9 km from Lugano, Switzerland, which can be reached by bus service in 15 minutes:

As well, public boat services between Lugano and Campione are operated. Thus from Campione, you are in the middle of a stunningly beautiful and culturally rich region, where you can experience the Italian and Swiss Mediterranean Style.

Lake Lugano Excursion

Visa Information

Campione d'Italia is an Italian city surrounded by Switzerland.

Please check both Italian and Swiss regulations in order to apply for your visa.


All conference activities will take place in the municipal casino of Campione d'Italia. complete information on how to reach Campione d'Italia can be found here.

The beautiful venue place has been designed by the star architect Mario Botto, completed in 2007: 2006_193_Campione_it (Pu).php

BTW: Mario Botto was as well the architect for the restauration and restruction of La Scala Opera House (Theatre alla Scala) in nearby Milano: 2004_448_TeatroScalaMilano_en (Pu).php

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Reaching Campione

1) From Milan by Car

Campione can be reached by car following the A9 motorway MILANO-CHIASSO and then the A2 motorway CHIASSO-LUGANO, exit at Bissone Melide.

A bus leaves from Milano Cadorna train station (via Paleocapa) and reach Campione in about 1 hour, see timetable.

2) From Malpensa Airport by car

Campione can be reached by car or shuttle in approximately 50 minutes.

Car rentals are available at Malpensa Airport Terminal 1.

Car can be parked free directly in the Municipal Casino Parking in corso Fratelli Fusina.

3) From Malpensa Airport by Public Transportation

A coach is available every two hours from Malpensa terminals (Malpensa 1 and Malpensa 2) and Lugano train station (Lugano FFS). Please check for timetable and required reservation at (Italian only). For information about reservations: +41 91 858 23 26 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

If you want to reach Campione via Milan, Malpensa airport is well connected to city center by frequent trains and shuttles.

4) From Milan by Train via Lugano

Lugano can be easy reached from Milan central station (Milano Centrale). A train is leaving every 2 hours (see timetable). From Lugano, you take a bus or the ship to Campione, which is just a short ride (please see infos below).

Lugano train station is connected with Lugano City Center (Piazza Cioccaro) by a cableway.

Milano Central Station can be easy reached by airport shuttles, or by the green and yellow metro lines (Centrale FS stop). A map of Milan metro line is available here.

NOTE: Due to the recent landslide that affected the railroad that connected Zurich to Milan, you are expected to change the train in Chiasso station. You have to leave the Italian (resp. Swiss) train and move to the Swiss (resp. Italian) one. Responsibles from Swiss and Italian train authorities will be here to help you in getting the correct train.

5) From Lugano to Campione

From Lugano, it's just a "short hop" to Campione. Campione can be reached by boat, bus and car and, although you have to cross the Swiss-Italian border line to reach it, there are no formal border controls.

Campione is approximately 20 minutes from Lugano by road, and 15 minutes by boat across the lake.

a) The bus takes about 20 minutes, and runs until midnight. Bus timetable: SBB web site. In particular, bus 439 (see timetable) directly connects Lugano (piazza Manzoni) to Campione (CasinĂ²) once a hour. Ticket are sold on board.

b) Ferry Service: ferry service timetable.

More infos under Campione Tourist Information:


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